Personal Russian lessons by Skype

Russian is the forth popular language (on the degree of prevalence) in the world. Approximately 350 million people speak this language. You will be able to understand easily all beauty of the Russian language, which was used by Lermontov, Tolstoy, Pushkin and Dostoevsky in their poems and novels. It is better to read their works in Russian than in traslation.

Study of Russian as a foreign language on Skype is a comfortable method to get knowledge and dip in a language environment. Those, who arrive in our country for the first time, understand that it is difficult to learn Russian. A study can take many years. According to statistics foreigners begin to speak Russian fluently in two years after their arrival, and they use cases, idioms correctly. The teachers of our «Lingvosvet» school will teach you to communicate fluently and express your ideas correctly. That’s why you can learn Russian quicker.

Advantages of the online education

It is very difficult to find a qualified teacher. Certainly, you can always study Russian with an experienced tutor. But If you live in Australia or in China, it is very difficult for you to find a Russian-speaking teacher, who can teach Russian well, without an accent. It is impossible sometimes. Even if such possibility will take place, the cost of education will be high enough.

Teaching via Skype is a good decision. Education with modern technoligies is very popular in our rapid 21st century.  And it is not surprising.

You can lean Russian on Skype:

The teachers of Lingvosvet school are native speakers of the Russian language. That’s why they will help you to learn Russian without any problems.

Thus, study of the Russian language isn’t boring like lessons at school. Our teaching staff uses modern technologies: audio, video and Internet resources. Therefore you will learn how to speak fluently without any problems.

All educational literature is given free of charge. Therefore you need only microphone and headphone for the lesson.


Study of Russian as a foreign language on Skype has another obvious advantage compared to educational centers. The cost of education depends on the amount of lessons. The first lesson is free. You can decide how many lessons you need for your course with your teacher. We give discounts for our lessons, therefore it is interesting and profitable to study in Lingvosvet school.

Russian as a foreign language

We propose:

  • General course of the Russian language.
  • Business course of the Russian language.
  • Preparation for the international Russian exams.
  • Russian for businessmen, pilots, etc.
  • Russian for travelling and leaving for a permanent residence abroad.
  • Preparation for interviews in Russian.
  • Russian for children, for students and for adults (all levels).
  • Занятия проходят как с русскоязычными педагогами, так и с носителями языка.

  • первый урок - бесплатно! при заказе от 6 и от 12 уроков - скидка на каждом уроке!

  • При заказе обучения нескольким языкам, скидка на каждый урок второго языка -

  • материалы бесплатно!



Преподаваемые языки: Русский как иностранный

Hello! My name is Daria, I was born and raised in Moscow.

I’m a native Russian speaker and I’ve been teaching Russian to foreigners for 4 years. I have experience with a range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds. I’m glad to help you to speak and understand Russian for work, travel, everyday conversation, or for Russian language exams. I am a certified teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language and a graduate of Moscow State University, where I majored in Russian Language and Literature and Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. I used to teach at school and university and have developed tailored approaches to teaching Russian for various purposes.

Russian is not the easiest language, but learning is a journey – I will help you to discover the mysterious world of the Russian soul and our great world culture.

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