Russian language lessons for children online

Russian as a foreign language for children

If your son or daughter grows up in a bilingual family (your wife is Russian and you are an Englishman, for example), you can have a strong desire to teach your child Russian. It is very difficult for a parent to teach the kid yourself, it is better to find a professional Russian teacher. Unfortunately, there are few Russian teachers in your country and their lessons cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there is Lingvosvet online school, and our Russian teachers will teach your child quickly and effectively. Our lessons don’t cost a lot, and our teachers are native speakers. It will be your best decision, if

  • you don’t live in Russia, and it is difficult for you to find Russian teachers in your country;
  • there are some Russian teachers in your country, but their lessons cost a lot of money;
  • it is easier for your kid to learn Russian via Skype, because he or she can study at home. Your child shouldn’t go anywhere.

Our teachers will choose for your child interesting Russian books, and the process of learning won’t be boring for your son or daughter. Your kid will watch interesting Russian movies and will discuss them on the lessons, we will read interesting Russian stories together. We will practice Grammar with the help of easy examples, and Russian won’t be difficult for your child. After several months of learning, your child will be able to

  • read Russian easy texts without any problems;
  • tell about himself or herself, his or her family and country;
  • use Russian Grammar correctly in speech and in writing;
  • know interesting facts about Russian people and culture.


  • Занятия проходят как с русскоязычными педагогами, так и с носителями языка.

  • первый урок - бесплатно! при заказе от 6 и от 12 уроков - скидка на каждом уроке!

  • При заказе обучения нескольким языкам, скидка на каждый урок второго языка -

  • материалы бесплатно!

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