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The Russian language is considered to be one of the most popular in Europe, so it is advisable to know it at least at the primary level. More than 300 million people are native speakers of the Russian language. If you want to undertand the Russian-speaking people, you should order Russian lessons in our «Lingvosvet» school. We will help you!

Specialists of our school are qualified teachers with the experience of over 5 years. They will teach you quickly and effectively practically any foreign language. We conduct lessons on Skype. In fact, this method of education is very popular in the last years and is successfully used in many countries of the world. Why should you hire a private tutor who, as a rule, asks for lessons a powerful lot of money  and doesn’t always help to achieve a desired result? You are guaranteed to get the knowledge with our professional teachers, and the prices of service are at a pretty acceptable level.

Why should you learn Russian?

Russian is many-sided enough, this language is a bit more difficult than English therefore. It will not be difficult to study Russian today. In fact, even having the program Skype on a gadget or computer, it is possible to find a specialist in this area and study Russian quickly, without any problems. This service can be necessary for many people. For example, if you live abroad and want to hire a native speaker of the Russian language for your child, you can do it easilly with the help of our school. Such private tutor will have an effective lesson with you, because it is easy for a person to teach other people a language, if this person is a native speaker of this language. Our professional teachers will teach you Russian and any other languages absolutely without problems, because their long-term experience in this sphere proves their enourmous luggage of knowledge, that they will share with their students with pleasure. You shouldn’t worry about the availability of education, because cost is very attractive for many countries of the world.

The aim of the course can differ, depending on a situation, because our every client applies for help due to diverse reasons. You have an opportunity to order lessons on Skype, which will be conducted by a highly skilled private tutor, who speaks Russian well, because it is his or her native language. It is possible to distinguish such the most widespread reasons for the Russian language study:

Comfort and quality

Lessons on Skype are far simplier and more interesting than boring lessons at schools. This variant is not only effective, but also pleasant enough. That’s why you will learn language quickly and in the interesting way. The price for the lesson is not high, that’s why you have an opportunity to learn Russian inexpensively. Our teachers will tell you about the features of grammar, orthography, stylistics and other areas of this object. Inspite of the fact, that the price is not high, our teachers give you very effective lessons regardless of age and citizenship of the client. You will learn lessons on Skype, that’s why you won’t have sense of awkwardness during the lesson, and our teachers will explain you everything in an easy way.

Main advantages of such lessons are comfort teaching via Skype, low cost, comfortable time for you and skilled teachers on the lessons.

Our school will help you to study Russian quickly and qualitatively. We recommend you to order a lesson exactly here. The price will satisfy you.

Цены на занятия по РКИ
  • Занятия проходят как с русскоязычными педагогами, так и с носителями языка.

  • первый урок - бесплатно! при заказе от 6 и от 12 уроков - скидка на каждом уроке!

  • При заказе обучения нескольким языкам, скидка на каждый урок второго языка -

  • материалы бесплатно!



Преподаваемые языки: Русский как иностранный

Hello! My name is Daria, I was born and raised in Moscow.

I’m a native Russian speaker and I’ve been teaching Russian to foreigners for 4 years. I have experience with a range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds. I’m glad to help you to speak and understand Russian for work, travel, everyday conversation, or for Russian language exams. I am a certified teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language and a graduate of Moscow State University, where I majored in Russian Language and Literature and Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. I used to teach at school and university and have developed tailored approaches to teaching Russian for various purposes.

Russian is not the easiest language, but learning is a journey – I will help you to discover the mysterious world of the Russian soul and our great world culture.

Количество уроков Цена Скидка
Пробный 0 бесплатно
2 урока 765 рублей/урок 0%
6 уроков 725 рублей/урок 5%
12 уроков 685 рублей/урок 10%
Пробный 0 бесплатно
2 урока 1020 рублей/урок 0%
6 уроков 965 рублей/урок 5%
12 уроков 915 рублей/урок 10%
Пробный 0 бесплатно
2 урока 1530 рублей/урок 0%
6 уроков 1450 рублей/урок 5%
12 уроков 1375 рублей/урок 10%
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